I think I may have misheard the brief…

After creating several pieces for my original animal characters collection, I started thinking about different ways I could present these characters. That train of thought led me back to art lessons at school, where one activity I particularly enjoyed was trying to copy great works from art history. I wonder if they still teach art forgery in schools today 🙂

The theme for this series came both from that memory and from the childish amusement I find in a particularly awful pun. The first idea from which this collection was born went along the lines of…..

What if I misheard the brief for copying Vermeer’s beautiful painting, ‘Girl with pearl earring’ and instead produced ‘Gorilla with pearl earring’?

And so the collection is gradually expanding, within these unashamedly ridiculous parameters. And I must add that I was delighted to find I’m not alone in enjoying this theme. These are proving to be some of the most-liked works so far, within my small-but-perfectly-formed Instagram community.

NB: the ‘an’ circle icon and dotted lines on these images is a watermark only. It will not appear on any genuine printed version.