Welcome to alternative normal

Hi, and welcome to alternative normal. My name is Chris Hall. I’m a Yorkshire-based artist, creating mostly anthropomorphic animal oddities. Alternative normal is a short and accurate description of my son and his life. Please feel free to read my about page, for his story and how that lead to the creation of my portfolio and this website.

I created alternative normal to share my artwork with a wider audience. Most of the works in my gallery are available to purchase as fine art quality giclĂ©e prints. Do please pop over to my print store if you’re interested in snapping one up.

Some images are also available on various clothing, homeware and accessories. Please take a look at my RedBubble store for these items.

If you’re just here to browse, well that’s fine too; you’re very welcome here. If you like my work, and you have an Instagram account, you can follow @alternativenormal there, for the latest work and some extras.

All the work currently in my gallery is digitally created; hand ‘painted’ on a digital drawing tablet. I like the convenience of working this way – no tidying away, changing water, washing brushes etc. Sometimes, I do miss all that too. So it’s quite possible that some traditional media works may also appear in the gallery, at some point.

Even in the digital medium, I like to work in quite a painterly way. I’m not aiming for hyper-realism because I love to see the brush strokes in a painting. For the majority of my work, I use two or three digital brushes and a couple of blending tools in the fantastic Leonardo painting app.