Ladies and Gentlemen

Were you there? This was the first time this collection had been seen in public so I’d absolutely love to hear what you thought.

Please leave a comment below to let me know.

And thank you for visiting.


5 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen”

  1. Sarah

    Loved our visit today seeing all your brilliant works in person.
    “Man Drill” looks great in his new home!

    1. Thank you so much for coming and THANK YOU in large capital letters for re-homing ‘ManDrill’

  2. Ben Carradice

    We’ve got a print from his earlier digital work and managed to grab another at this exhibit, but the paintings were incredible to look at. I liked the fact you could put your own narrative on what you were seeing on the canvas. Great stuff, and can’t wait to see what Chris comes out with next!

  3. Jess Rose

    Great little exhibit with paintings as unique as the talented artist. Being able to get up close with them really meant you could take the time to look for the hidden details you might not see on a screen. Loved them!

  4. Tony Lott

    Great work!

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